Florida Safety Programs

Workplace Violence

Crime/violence in the workplace could cost a company “big” money. This could be in the form of lost productivity, increases in healthcare, workman’s compensation and insurance payments, not to mention possible liability.


As you are probably aware, the healthcare occupational hazard of the 90′s is workplace violence. The Int’l. Ass’n of Healthcare Security and Safety (TAHSS), an organization which monitors crimes committed in hospitals, has reported a rise over the past several years.

Women’s Personal Safety

A Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety, a unique and proactive 300+ slide program and book. Over 15,000 women, educators, health and law enforcement professionals have participated in the program.


For most, non-verbal communication is viewed on an unconscious level. When properly understood, verbal and non-verbal communication can help recognize and minimize potentially dangerous situations. Our Florida safety programs are must see programs for educators.

Law Enforcement

or the law enforcement professional, body language is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Man is the only animal capable of understanding and manipulating cues for sinister purposes and the criminal is becoming expert at it. Without proper training, cops don’t stand a fair chance.