24 June 2015

Safety Devices

The car alarm can be a great tool to scare off the wrong people. It can often be triggered from your home if the car is not far away. Test it out. Obviously a home alarm is superior. The high intensity flash light is a great tool when in the...
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19 June 2015

Travel Safety Tips

Keep your car doors locked after you get in, get out, and when you travel. Avoid leaving pocketbooks, GPS or other electrical devices in clear view. Keep them on the floor under the seat, or covered with a dark clothe. Be alert as you approach your car, have your keys...
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18 May 2015

Additional Personal Safety Tips

Being alert is crucial to avoiding dangerous situations and detecting dangerous situations as they develop. There is no safety product more useful than an attentive mind. Your state of mind should be the same as defensive driving (Color Code Yellow). Always try to be alert to your surroundings and minimize...
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20 April 2015

Great Safety Tips

General Staying alert in the street can eliminate many problems before they start. Potential threats might be noticed in enough time to avoid them. NEVER fight for valuables or property. Other than saving your life or that of a family member, no properly is worth fighting over. Don’t physically or...
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