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18 May 2015

Additional Personal Safety Tips

  1. Being alert is crucial to avoiding dangerous situations and detecting dangerous situations as they develop. There is no safety product more useful than an attentive mind. Your state of mind should be the same as defensive driving (Color Code Yellow). Always try to be alert to your surroundings and minimize the use of ear phones, cell phones and texting. While talking on a phone or texting, you will likely not be aware of your surroundings. Criminals will target individuals who are distracted by these devices.
  2. Walk directly and with purpose, be confident and be alert.
  3. Travel in comfortable shoes and avoid high heels. Not only do they make escaping slower, they give the criminal the perception you can’t travel quickly.
  4. Don’t travel overloaded with cases or bags. Again the criminal perceives you can’t escape quickly.
  5. Never fight for valuables, money or jewelry. Too many women are injured or killed doing this. Don’t carry valuables in your pocketbook or hand bag. This is often the criminal’s target. Let him have it.