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20 April 2015

Great Safety Tips


  • Staying alert in the street can eliminate many problems before they start. Potential threats might be noticed in enough time to avoid them.
  • NEVER fight for valuables or property. Other than saving your life or that of a family member, no properly is worth fighting over.
  • Don’t physically or verbally challenge anyone who is with friends, family, homies or gang members. Always allow the other person an honorable way to exit.
  • Never verbally challenge anyone who holds a gun on you. Use submissive body language and a low conciliatory tone. Never suggest or challenge them to shoot you.


  • The safer one perceives their community to be, the more lax they become about locking home or car doors and securing property.
  • The best security alarm is the one that is turned on, every time you leave.
  • Be sure to always lock your home entry door in the garage.
  • Regardless of how safe your community appears to be, always check who is at the front door before opening.


  • It is foolish to fight over a parking spot. Some people have died doing this.
  • Watch using sign language (the finger) when someone in another car does something stupid. You don’t know how an unstable person might react to your gesture.
  • If you are being followed, do not go home. Go to the nearest public place i.e. police station, fire station, gas station, fast food establishment and blow your horn to attract attention.