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19 June 2015

Travel Safety Tips

  1. Keep your car doors locked after you get in, get out, and when you travel.
  2. Avoid leaving pocketbooks, GPS or other electrical devices in clear view. Keep them on the floor under the seat, or covered with a dark clothe.
  3. Be alert as you approach your car, have your keys in your hand and check your car out as you approach. Keep in mind that most cars have an alarm and the trrigger is found in your hand. Set it off if you have the slightest perception of danger to frighten away most criminals.
  4. Avoid shortcuts, alleys or dark and deserted streets. Use well lit streets. Carrying a small high intensity flashlight will often come in handy.
  5. When leaving work late, leave with a group and don’t be the last one to leave.
  6. Being followed: go to the nearest public place i.e. fast food restaurant, gas station, fire station, or police station etc. and blow your horn to attract attention. This will frighten off most criminals.
  7. Don’t travel alone if you are ill, under the influence of medicine, alcohol or drugs.
  8. When coming home late at night, vary your route.
  9. Avoid public rest rooms when possible. If necessary, take care of business quickly and don’t loiter. Don’t totally believe in the safety of a locked door. If bathrooms have stalls for multiple users, who knows who might be in there.