01 April 2015

Guns and other weapons in school

The problem of guns and other weapons in school is a serious issue that deserves the attention of the public and entire educational community. There are a number of factors that contribute to the problem. First is the availability of weapons in the community and home. Second is the student’s...
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21 March 2015

Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre

Sadly it is not a perfect world and there are dangers everywhere. We would love to be able to control the risks and avoid the tragedies but as some know, these are things beyond our control. It is heart wrenching to think that there might be little that can be...
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05 March 2015

Scams and ID Theft

Photostat every card in your wallet and keep it in a safe place, not in the wallet, with contact numbers in the event it is stolen. Tip: If anything looks too good to be true, it most likely is. Scams are being developed by the day and they pray on...
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19 February 2015

What does the Sandy Hook Massacre Mean to you?

The Sandy Hook Elementary School was possibly the least likely place for a massacre to occur. The lesson learned is that massacres could occur anywhere, not just schools, at any time, and they have. Here is what the experts have to say, “Gone are the times when some areas of...
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